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We make your data talk

We are specialized in predictive analytics business applications. Our AI solutions put your data in the right context, uncover dependencies and recurring patterns and predict future developments with state-of-the-art algorithms. Your benefits: accurate decisions and optimized processes thanks to accurate predictions and analysis results with unique depth.

Our AI software for retail

7LYTIX deepRetail combines with machine learning, neural networks and high-tech algorithms the most state-of-the-art methods of artificial intelligence and calculates more and more accurate predictions of your customers, articles, shops and actions with increasing data volumes.

Our pedictive analytics software goes far beyond conventional data management or merchandise management systems, which answer the question "What happened?" but not the question "What will happen?".


Sales predictions

Demand forecasts and automated order recommendations

Customer value predictions and purchase forecasts

Compound effect analyses

Personalized product recommendations

Performance predictions for marketing campaigns

Explorative customer and assortment analyses


Reduce price markdowns

Reduce zero stock levels

Reduce inventory and warehousing costs

Uncover composite effects and increase cross-sellings

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Our Projects Recommender-System
Personalized job recommendations for Austria ‘s leading online job-platform.
Development of a self-learning recommendation system for the leading online job-platform in Austria which predicts the interest of an applicant in a job offer and exactly displays offers that match his preferences. Advantage: simplified job search and increased success of job ads displayed on the online platform.
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Deep Learning
Recipe classification with object recognition and Deep Learning.
The aim of the project was the automated enrichment of recipes with relevant information (number of servings, vegetarian) based on recipe images and recipe descriptions. 7LYTIX determined the most accurate Machine and Deep Learning models for the correct and automated classification of recipes.
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Predictive Maintenance
Predictive Maintenance – predict machine failure before occurrence.
Based on sensor data and the use of machine learning algorithms an accurate prediction model has been developed to predict the failure of industrial plants. By that, the maintenance effort can be reduced, downtimes can be shortened and production costs can be reduced.
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Your 7LYTIX Advantages

Treffsichere Prognosen

Machine Learning, Deep Learning, Data Mining or Predictive Modeling. As AI experts, we have the insight into the jungle of state-of-the-art AI applications and combine the best methods for you.

Ganzheitliche Retail Optimierung
Data Science for Business

For each business we use the respective Best Practices methods. We are aware of our customers' urgent questions and the requirements of their industries.

Unschlagbarer ROI
Measurable success

A blessing of our business: the high accuracy of our forecasts and their actual effect on economic success can be measured at any time.


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